Your security and peace of mind are important to us. That is why we have one of the strongest screening processes in the industry, including running criminal background checks on all caregivers. We verify previous employment and experience, check references and verify CNA or HHA licenses are valid and current, if applicable. Our registry of professional caregivers have a variety of skills, training and experience with many conditions such as Alzheimer's, Dementia, Strokes, Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Heart or Cardiovascular Disease, Disabilities, Injuries from Falls or Accidents, Transferring Needs, Surgery Recover, and many more not listed here.

  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
  • Certified Home Health Aides (HHA)
  • Personal Care Attendants
  • Homemakers
Having the right caregiver makes all the difference. We are often asked how we match you with a caregiver that is compatible with your needs? The process starts as soon as you call to inquire about our services. Over the phone your highly trained Personal Staffing Specialist will gather information about your unique needs and preferences, desired schedule and discuss items you may not even have thought of, for example, do you have pets and if so, how important is it to you that your caregiver be an animal lover? After enough information and details have been gathered, your personal staffing specialist will identify and discuss with you one or more caregivers that have the needed skills and experience, availability, personality and compatibility according to your preferences from our large registry of professional caregivers. This can often be done during your initial phone call, especially when time is of the essence. The final choice of caregiver(s) is always up to you - you are never just "assigned" a caregiver.

We want you to be completely satisfied! Even though we are usually successful at matching you with the right caregiver the first time, sometimes a caregiver just doesn't work out, for whatever reason. If this happens, you can still be confident because if for any reason, at any time, you are not completely satisfied with your caregiver simply call us. We will listen in detail to better define your needs and preferences and quickly provide you with a more compatible caregiver. You never need to feel uncomfortable about asking for a change, we are experts in making sure the transition to a new caregiver is a comfortable and easy process.

Responsiveness to your needs, day or night, is not a luxury but a necessity. A staffing specialist is always available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you. If your regularly scheduled caregiver is unable to come due to illness, scheduled time off or a last minute emergency, we can arrange for a temporary substitute caregiver or if needed, a permanent replacement caregiver.

It is important to be aware that the professional caregivers from our agency are not nurses and cannot provide skilled nursing or medical services and can only provide non-medical caregiving and domestic services.

We only provide caregivers that we would be comfortable having in our own homes and caring for our loved ones. We understand how important it is that your caregiver be compatible with your unique needs and lifestyle. You also deserve the comfort, stability and trusting relationship that come with having consistency in your care providers.

Whether you use our agency for one day or for years to come, we want the experience to be so positive that you would gladly recommend us to your friends!